Prompt from the-laughingstock on deviantART: Hopping For Our Lives

They were hopping for their lives, pushing through the undergrowth and holding onto each other like their lives depended on it. Both wondered how they’d got there, just one stumble away from the end of everything. They knew they should be terrified, being one trip away from capture and execution, but for now they were together and that was enough to have them both grinning.

The Doctor lifted his gaze to Rose, fear running through every fibre of his being. They could be one second away from their deaths, but he would never let her fall alone, they’d go down fighting, together, hand in hand, the Doctor and Rose. One moment could mean the end of them both, but there was Rose all smiles and laughter with not a hint of worry on her face and that gave him courage that they would make it. He gripped her hand tighter, wanting to promise that they’d make it but she beat him to it, looking up at him with those beautiful brown eyes and saying just the right words like she always did.

­Before he knew it they were falling into the TARDIS, Rose stumbling up the ramp and collapsing with a mix of exhaustion and laughter. The Doctor ran to the console, flicking some switches to send the ship flying into the Time Vortex. With a sigh of relief he dropped to the floor beside Rose, pulling her into his arms as he burst into laughter, filled with his love for her. “Hopping! Who would have known? Rose Tyler you are a genius! Fantastic you are and full of great ideas, no one else could have come up with the solution.” He grinned as she finally caught her breath, eyes sparkling as she looked up at him. “Saving the world one hop at a time.” He stopped to soak in everything about her, for a moment he felt younger than he ever had before he’d met her. “I wouldn’t have gotten out of there without you.” He framed her face with his hands, pressing a chaste kiss to her forehead. “Thank you.”

She sighed with contentment, pressing her face into his leather jacket and breathing in the smell of her Doctor. “You don’t need to thank me, I keep telling you. We’re a team, you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours.” She slipped her arms around him, running her fingers up and down his back.

“No, Rose. Thank you for everything. Just thank you being here.”

She looked up at him, a smile playing on her lips. “I’ve told you; you’re stuck with me. You’re not alone anymore, you’ve got me.”