Prompt from theoneadventureicanneverhave: Wind

“Rose! Rose. Rose. Come on, Rose! Don’t make me drag you out here!” The Doctor stuck his head back into the TARDIS, Rose came running across the console room having finally found a hat she deemed suitable. He grabbed her hand, tugging her out the door and closing the TARDIS behind them. “Now Rose, this planet is eighty thousand light years away from earth. It’s the year 1473 and it’s yet to be inhabited. We’re the first people ever to stand on this planet.” He jumped on the spot, grinning as she copied him.

“What’s it called?”

“Doesn’t have a name. In a few thousand years it’ll just be categorised with a number.”

“That’s so sad, it’s so beautiful though. Albeit a little windy.”

The Doctor grinned, pulling the hat off her head. “You love the wind. The wind is amazing, it’s half of what makes the planet so beautiful.” He slipped an arm round her, pointing at the horizon. “The sun’s setting, look at all the colours the sand makes as it flies across the sky, wouldn’t have that without the wind.”

Rose’s hands flew up to her head, trying to hold her hair down and away from her face. She was failing miserably and knew she should be annoyed at him but she couldn’t manage it, he was right, it was beautiful, and he looked utterly gorgeous all windswept and gazing at the sunset. “So much for keeping my hair in place. It was worth it though.”

He pulled her closer, looking her in the eye. “Honestly you have nothing to worry about. Doesn’t matter if you’ve been caught in the wind, you still look amazing. You’re always beautiful, Rose.”