Later when all the fuss had died down, the Sycorax had been defeated and he’s lounging around the TARDIS in his pinstriped suit, Rose finds him in the library, she sits beside him studying his new face but when he looks at her she bites her lip. “What really happened? With the Daleks I mean. I remember looking into the TARDIS and then… I don’t know, there was this light and just so much energy and knowledge and I can’t make sense of it anymore, I think I did at the time but now it’s mostly just this…” She closes her eyes, concentrating on the memory. “Light, I guess.” She deliberately doesn’t mention the one bit that is clear; ‘I think you need a Doctor’ and his lips against hers.

His hand is cupping her cheek before he realises he’s moved. “Don’t. You’ll hurt yourself, there’s a reason you can’t remember it. But you saved me Rose, you saved the entire planet below, you’re the Bad Wolf and you took control of space and time.” He takes his hand away, knowing if he doesn’t then he won’t be able to stop himself kissing her. “You took the energy from the heart of the TARDIS and ended the Time War, you were brilliant. Thank you.” He kisses her forehead and can’t help but smile as she slips her arms around his waist and nestles into his embrace.