Prompt from hello-im-rose-tyler: Starlight

“What’s this?” Rose curled her fingers around the pendant that had been dropped into her hand. She looked up at the Doctor expecting an answer, but instead was met with his grinning face. “It’s so beautiful, Doctor, thank you. But it’s not a special occasion, so why?”

“Because I love you.” He cupped her face, brushing his thumb across her cheek.

Her grin matched his as she leant into him. “What is it?” She ran her fingers over the smooth stone, marvelling at the way it glowed as if responding to her touch.

“That’s starlight trapped at its centre, other than that it’s just a regular gemstone.” He wrapped his hand around hers and Rose watched the light shine brighter before fading again.

“Starlight?” The Doctor slipped an arm around her waist, kissing the top of her head, the stone glowed brighter. “But it’s sort of blue or green, and why does it glow like that, shouldn’t starlight be constant?”

“Its turquoise, like the TARDIS’ central column, not all starlight is white and yellow, some stars burn with other colours. The glow, well…” He swallowed, Rose turned to look up at him. “It sort of, well, it’s special in the way that it feeds off happiness and love, don’t ask me how, I didn’t stop to ask, but when it glows brighter it’s soaking in even more love.” He carefully took the TARDIS key from round her neck, adding the pendant to the chain.

She smiled as it glowed in his hand. “Yours or mine?”