#The way that he grabs her in the first gif #trying to shield her from the horror #his hand on her waist protectively #like don’t you dare hurt her #i will not let you scare her or manipulate her #because she does not deserve that #she is my rose #my pink and yellow human #and I love her #I’ve always loved her #and I will continue to love her until I die forever (via poppunkinthetardis)

There’s also something quite beautiful about how when he puts his arm round her there his hand ends up on her elbow but he moves it to her waist. He moves it in a split second and there’s actually something intimate about that, anyone else he would have left his hand on her elbow but for Rose he’s that bit more protective and places his hand on her waist. It’s not just an instinct, it’s what feels right to them both and it’s what he knows will make her feel better; a tiny little shift in his hold to remind her that he loves her, always has and that’s not going to change. And as much as in these gifs you see him reassuring and protect her, she does the same for him; their reunion might be in the middle of a crisis but they still take whatever opportunity they have to be close to each other and hold each other and hold each other’s hands, it just so evidently means everything to them both to be reunited and each of them is not about to let the other get hurt or be alone.

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